Protect Your Child Before It Is Too Late!

Dear Protective Parent,

Nothing frightens us more than the thought that someone would hurt our children. As a mom, I would do anything to protect my kids. That’s why I wish I could undo the pain my then 15 year old daughter, Kalyn, endured at the hands of a sexual predator.

We can’t go back and change the mistakes we made that allowed the abuser access to our daughter, but we can help other families avoid such danger.  After God miraculously healed Kalyn’s life, she and I wrote a book that can equip parents to both prevent the tragedy of sexual abuses and heal the wounds from serious attacks of the perverse forces coming against the lives of our kids.

Would you consider arming yourself with the knowledge I wish that I would have had? Would you allow our family’s story to equip your family to walk confidently in a dark and evil generation? All author proceeds of this project go to help families in need. Together, we can Unmask the Predators and Protect our Children!